Business Babes Society (BBS)
Community Outreach - 2014

The Community Outreach committee actively looks for opportunities that Business Babes Society members can participate in to give back to the community, including one chosen non-profit per year that the Babes will focus time and energy in promoting and supporting.

Community events that we have participated in the past are the Downtown Richmond Association, Hope’s Wings, the BBS Scholarship Fund.


New Opportunity School for Women

The New Opportunity School for Women's (NOSW) mission is to improve the financial, educational, and personal circumstances of low-income, middle-aged women in the Appalachian region and Kentucky.

Jane B. Stephenson founded the New Opportunity School for Women (NOSW) in Berea, Kentucky in 1987. The program grew out of an urgent need for women in Appalachia to become better educated and employed.

Phone: (859) 985-7200
Address: 204 Chestnut Street; Berea, KY 40403
Contact Name: Lori Sliwa, Executive Director


  • The three-week residential program is held for 14 women each February and June.
  • There is no cost to participants; all supplies needed to run the program are donated.
  • Participants explore career, educational, personal and cultural development:
    • Job skills, internships, computer basics and leadership development.
    • Appalachian literature, women’s health, creative writing, public speaking and civic engagement.
    • Building self-esteem, professional presentation, interview wardrobes and makeovers.
    • Regional field trips, cultural and recreational events.
  • 80% of participants have incomes below $10,000/year and most have no health insurance.
  • The median age of participants is 41.
  • Educational scholarships and dental funds are available for graduates.


Recent graduate survey results show that:

  • 79% are employed, in school, or both;
  • 80% have completed higher education including Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Associate's Degree, and other programs; 25% of their children and/or grandchildren have college degrees;
  • 87% state that their personal circumstances are improved since graduating.


  • Sponsorship for one woman for one three-week session:  $5000
  • Average transportation costs for one woman to and from session:  $100
  • Meals for one woman for one three-week session:  $400
  • Books and supplies for one woman attending a session:  $200
  • Average child-care costs for one woman:  $100 per week
  • Scholarship for one full-time graduate:  $500 per semester
  • Scholarship for one part-time graduate: $350 per semester
  • Full cost of mammograms and health screenings for one woman: $250

How you can help NOSW:
February 8, 2014: NOSW - Organize & Merchandise Clothes Closet

Time: 10am - 6pm.

Organize & Merchandise Clothes Closet (to also prepare for the Fashion and Fun Day on Sunday, February 9th). We are also invited to stay for dinner with the "women students" that the director, Lori Sliwa and her husband will prepare. For more info & to sign up to help:

February 9, 2014: NOSW - Fashion & Fun Day!

Time: 2:00pm - 5:30pm

Fashion and Fun Day! Needed: Up to 10 volunteers to assist students with "personal shoppping" for clothing they will need for interviewing and more. (They will also be working with a makeup consultant prior to their clothing selections.) For more info & to sign up for help:

February 22, 2014: NOSW - Graduation Day

Graduation Day for New Opportunity School for Women's February session.

The NOSW Berea holds three-week residential sessions in Berea, Kentucky for up to 14 women each February and June.Outreach workshops throughout our region and career and educational guidance for program graduates are a large part of NOSW’s year-round commitment to the women of the region. Not all women who apply for the residential program are accepted, and many other deserving women are unable to leave home for three weeks at a time. For more info and to sign up to help:


Online donations via Paypal:

Donations via Mail: NOSW - 204 Chestnut Street - Berea, KY 40403

Gifts of Stock:
Lexington Investment Company
Attention: Matt Stockham, Broker
(800) 264-7073
Acct: New Opportunity School for Women, Inc.


*For more information on the Business Babes Society's community outreach efforts, please contact our Community Outreach Chair, Cindy Teague-Kelly at: