The Business Babes Society:


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Who we are:

Business Babes is a support and networking group to promote business women in our community and town.  The members want to promote prospective business women to start their business and existing business women to maintain and grow their businesses by networking and sharing resources and relationships.

The Babes: Herstory
When Cindy Teague-Kelly, owner of EZ Care and Linda West, owner of Merle Norman & Perfectly You, decided to team up for a joint sale in May 2009, they found they had a lot more in common than products to sell. The two discovered that women business owners in a small city enviroment have many mutual concerns and opportunities that can help their business grow and prosper.

The two contacted fellow Richmond business owners Kimberly Woosley, who owns Sun-Kissed Tanning Salon and Joyce Green, who owns Karizma hair studio, to discuss the potential of forming a networking group for local women business owners.

Thus was born The Business Babes Society, a Richmond-based networking group formed for the benefit of women business owners in Madison County. The group is sort of an informal female chamber of commerce for business owners and potential business owners with a strong social component. Their motto, "Promoting business women through friendship and networking," pretty much says it all.

"We're a voice for small-town women business owners who love to have a good time," says Green. The women explained that theyw ant to keep membership to small cities and towns like Richmond because larger cities, such as Lexington, have a wider choice of resources already.

The group, which conducts meetings at 7pm on the first Monday of each month, attracted five other business-women at their first meeting. The group now boasts membership over 30 members that include crafters and artists, real estate professionals, pet groomers, home-based businesses, organizers, providers of pet supplies, jewelers, gift shop owners, web designers, bookkeepers, tax consultants, resale boutique owners, mortgage brokers and more.

Members pay dues on quarterly or yearly basis, which is a tax-deductible business expense. There is a speaker who discusses a topic of mutual interest at each meeting. "We do have fun," said West. "You get to know people on a personal basis."

Members can be partial business owners, independent contractors or women who are considering starting a business in the area. "We encourage women who are planning a business to participage. We want to use our own experience and contacts to help them get started and become successful," said Teague-Kelley.

There's no conflict when owners of competing businesses get together in the group. Competition is set aside. "It's all about women, not competition. Its about friendship and networking," said West. "We have discovered some great friendships. I didn't know there were so many women business owners in town."

In addition to offering advice and assistance on issues ranging from software programs to getting the best health insurance deal, the group also has decided to help one charitable organization each year. Last year, they partnered with Pattie A. Clay Regional Medical Center on a woman's sale, with a portion of the proceeds going to the hospital.

Read the full article that was printed in the Women of Madison County magazine in the Spring of 2010.