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BBS presents our Three 2015 Scholarship Winners

20 Jun 2015 11:08 AM | Anonymous

About the Scholarship Winners:

Business Babes Society is excited to announce that they were able to award THREE female Madison County seniors as Scholarship Winners in 2015.  Our scholarship winners meet the qualifications of graduating from a high school in Madison County KY,  has at least a 3.0 GPA, has the intention of securing an undergraduate degree in Business, and preferably having evidence of work experience during high school.

This year, three very qualified seniors were chosen as winners of the Scholarship amount of $1000.00 each.  They are as follows:

Meghan Smith, graduate of Madison Southern, will be majoring in Marketing and Digital Design at EKU. Since Meghan was 12 years old, she has been the sole proprietor of Doodlebug Cakes, where she does all of her own baking, decorating, designs, marketing, and public relations for her company that currently produces 6-7 cakes per week. 

Meghan spoke of the rewards of entrepreneurship, “Although I had an extremely busy senior year, I feel extremely blessed to have been given the talent of decorating cakes and am rewarded with the smiles and squeals of delight from my customers.  But my most rewarding memories have come from donating cakes to Icing Smiles, which connect bakers to chronically ill children.  As a way to continue giving back to my community, I plan to give contributions to local organizations throughout my career.”

Shaina Johnson, graduate of Madison Central, will be majoring in Business Management at EKU. She currently works for Merle Norman Cosmetics and Bargain Hunt and hopes to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become an entrepreneur someday. 

Shaina shares her experience, “My mother has had the greatest influence on me, as I have watched her dedication, determination and work ethic in working beside her in the four businesses she has owned and operated. Marie Forleo said, ‘Never start a business just to make money, start a business to make a difference’.  So when I run my own small business, I will give everything I can back to our community in an effort to boost our local economy and be involved in the developments that affect our growth.”

Ella Martin, graduate of Madison Central, will be majoring in Business Management at EKU. She currently works for Altar’d State Boutique. Following a strong and historic culture of entrepreneurship in her own family, she can dream of nothing aside from opening her own boutique someday.

Ella shares her hopes for the future, “In my family, I come from a long line of business owners, which have instilled a strong work ethic in me, as well as understanding the value of money, and for that I am grateful. When I open a business, I would like to help women discover their personal styles and preferences, so they can feel good about themselves.  I also want to provide a work environment for others that is encouraging and provides a livable wage.”

All of these young women have excellent GPA’s and test scores, are actively involved in community volunteer work, and extra-curricular activities in their school.

On the evening of June 10, 2015, Business Babes Society held their first BBS Scholarship Dinner where each winner and their families were able to be recognized for their hard work, express their goals for the future and to learn more about Business Babes Society’s mission to celebrate future and existing female entrepreneurs.  We congratulate each of our winners and look forward to watching them meet their goals and supporting them on their journey ahead.

Business Babes is proud to announce that $5,000 has been awarded to females graduating from Madison County KY high schools since 2014 through our scholarship program.  If you would like to support our program, we have four levels of Sponsorships available and our membership dues also support our Scholarship fund.  Visit our sponsorship page to learn more about how you can support women in business!

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