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About our Speaker of the Month:
About the Speaker of the Month: The babes invite local experts & community leaders to present information on different business related topics, which will focus on informative ways to plan, market, organize, and grow their business; community outreach and involvement and personal development.

Requested Topics: We are looking for speakers for our Monthly Meetings in 2014 who will provide our members one of the following:
  • Professional development with the focus on informative ways to plan, market, organize, and grow their business.
  • Community Outreach & Involvement with the focus on educating and informing our members on how our members can participate and give back to our communities.
  • Personal development with the focus on inspirational ways for women business owners to overcome, endure and triumph over obstacles and professional roadblocks, by personal example or professional coaching.
To schedule a Presentation: Email:  info@businessbabessociety.org or pammurphy42@yahoo.com

Call:  Pam Murphy, Vice President – (859) 248-8600

Speaker Responsibilities:
  • Submit summary of presentation, picture and short speaker biography to info@businessbabessociety.org four weeks prior to your presentation date.
  • Communicate what media & equipment requirements you will need prior to your presentation.
  • Refrain from selling or self-promotion. Please no sales pitches or selling during your presentation.
  • Fill out the form to the left.
2014-15 Speakers:
January 2014 Joyce Green: "Reboot & Hit the Ground Running"
February 2014 Carla Walter: "Setup for Success:  Strategies for Finally Turning Your Goals into Reality"
March 2014 Ericka Harney: " Reward for Caring: Getting Marketing, Exposure, Customers and a ROI for Community Involvement"
April 2014 Mendi Goble, Executive Director of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce
May 2014 Rita Smart, State Representative,"Make a Positive Difference in the Community as a BLT Leader."
June 2014 Special Event: Business Connect with Becky Naugle, Ph.D., State Director of Kentucky Small Business Development Center, "Ten Free Resources to Grow Your Business"
July 2014 Kelly Hinton of Commerce Lexington, "Grow your Business in Lexington."
August 2014 Lori Sliwa, Exec. Director of New Opportunity School for Women, "Opportunities for Women in Appalachia"
September 2014 Terri Turner of Tops Marketing
October 2014 Norma Taylor, VP of CMI Consulting, LLC: "Effective Human Resources Practices"
November 2014 Carol Siler, Executive Director of Women Leading KY
December 2014 End of the Year Banquet & Awards Ceremony
January 2015 Joyce Green: "Babes Engaged in 2015"
February 2015 Julie Lowe, Socially Aligned: "Social Media Strategies"
March 2015 David Rowlette, Executive Director of Berea Chamber of Commerce
August 2015 Jennifer Napier, "Management and organization of Home Based Businesses"